DEFRA Asks Views On Proposals To Cut Harmful Emissions

By January 5, 2018 News

DEFRA has asked householders and businesses for their views on proposals to cut harmful emissions caused by the burning of dirtier fuels, including:

  • House coal (or bituminous coal) – a naturally occurring mined product. PM2.5 emissions are higher than for smokeless fuels.
  • Smokeless coal (or anthractite) – a form of naturally occurring, mined, high-purity coal, authorised for use in smoke control areas
  • Manufactured solid fuels – fuels manufactured from coal products with other ingredients that have low smoke emissions, however some do have high SO2 emissions.
  • Wet wood – a naturally occurring product. Newly felled wood has a high moisture content and creates a lot of smoke when burned, it has over double the emissions of seasoned or kiln dried wood.
  • Seasoned wood – wood that has been left for up to 2 years to naturally air dry.
  • Kiln dried wood – wood that has been kiln dried to below 20% moisture.

The consultation closes on 27th February 2018, with further details to be found at: