Isopleth Ltd was established by Matt Stoaling, Fellow of the Institute of Air Quality Management and Chartered Environmentalist. Matt has been an air quality consultant, dust and odour consultant for over 20 years and has worked on a wide range of projects in this time, throughout the UK and abroad.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Detailed dispersion modelling of industrial emissions (ADMS / AERMOD)
  • Human Health Risk Assessment (IRAP)
  • Landfill Gas Risk Assessment (GasSim)
  • Air quality screening assessments (for biomass, CHP and transport) and
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Environment Impact Assessments

Matt has appeared regularly as an expert witness on matters relating to industrial air pollution, transport pollution, dust and odour.

Matt has also been main (or contributing) author to a number of research and guidance publications, including:

• Institute of Air Quality Management: Guidance on the assessment of odour for planning (2014)

• Institute of Air Quality Management: Assessment of dust from demolition and construction (2014)

• SNIFFER (2013) Best Practice for Monitoring and Control and Community Engagement at Landfill Sites. Project ER31

• Environmental Protection UK. Combined Heat and Power and Air Quality Guidance for Local Authorities (2012)

• ESA. Landfill Gas Industry Code of Practice: The Management of Landfill Gas (2012)

• Institute of Air Quality Management: Guidance on Air Quality Monitoring in the Vicinity of Demolition and Construction Sites (2012)

• Environment Agency (2002) Assessment of community response to odorous emissions Environment Agency R&D Technical Report P4-095. ISBN 1 857059 247

• Van Harreveld, A.P & Stoaling, M (2002) Chemicals as odour predictors: what causes the odour deficit? Presented at ‘Odours, what a nuisance’ – Regulation and Quantification of Environmental Odour. CIWEM, 2002.

• Van Harreveld, A.P, Jones, N. & Stoaling, M (2001) Odour Impacts and Odour Emission Control Measures for Intensive Agriculture. Part A: Odour Annoyance assessment and criteria for intensive livestock production in Ireland. Environmental Monitoring, R&D Sub programme of the Environmental Services Operational Programme 1994-1999. EPA Ireland. ISBN 1-84095-075-7

• IAQM (2016). Guidance on the Assessment of Mineral Dust Impacts for Planning. Institute of Air Quality Management, London