Isopleth Ltd – Air quality consultants & odour experts

Isopleth Ltd is an independent environmental consultancy specialising in the assessment of air quality, dust and odour. We are able to provide professional advice and support services to industry, local government, regulators and individuals on matters relating to air quality and environmental impact assessments.

Air Quality Consultants

Air Quality, Dust & Odour

Isopleth Ltd draws upon over 21 years experience as air quality consultants and odour expert relating to the assessment of impacts associated across a wide range of sectors including: residential, industrial and retail development, quarrying and mining, transport and more.

environmental impact assessments

Environmental Impact Assessment

Isopleth Ltd has close associations with a number of experienced environmental specialists in the UK and through these links is able to provide multi-disciplinary environmental support for purposes of Environmental Impact Assessment.


Residential, Industrial, Power Generation and STOR, Agricultural, Commercial, Health & Education, Retail


Intensive Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Waste Management (landfill, composting, materials recycling, anaerobic digestion), Mining and Minerals, Power Generation and STOR, Wastewater Treatment

Impact Assessments

Odour consultant, Dust, Stack Emissions, Vehicle Exhaust Emissions, fugitive releases and impact screening for Environmental Permitting and Planning applications


Dispersion modelling, Monitoring, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Landfill Gas Risk Assessment (LFGRA) , Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) , dust and odour management plans, expert witness

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